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Skin Therapy Treatments

All of the following treatments require a Full Observ® Skin Consultation and Analysis prior to In Salon treatment, due to the highly active ingredients in the products used.

Environ Advanced Vitamin Skin Therapy – AVST

Environ draws on cutting edge technology, combined with proven botanical and scientific principals to create skincare ranges that address DFFacial_2different needs and problems for people of all ages. Vitamin A and C are essential for maintenance of a healthy youthful skin.

The Environ Ionzyme DF Machine is one of the most effective machines in the world today for enhancing penetration of the vitamins into the skin.

This revolutionary system enhances the penetration of vitamins contained in the Environ skin care products ensuring optimum effective results.

Serum A & CDFFacial_3

  • For hydrating and firming
  • It creates a healing environment for sluggish skins, smokers skins and skin exposed to external elements
  • To strengthen stressed skin
  • For new clients to Environ homecare.
  • Includes a take home serum.
A & C Serum Treatment 45 Minutes $125 Enquire
A & C Serum Treatment 60 Minutes $148 Enquire


The use of Sonophoresis and Iontophoresis in Environ skin treatments helps to maximise the penetration of active ingredients into the skin.
Sonophoresis uses sound waves to facilitate the transportation of vitamin molecules through the skin and is used on small areas of the skin, such as around the eyes or lips. Iontophoresis utilises an electrical current across the surface of the skin via a alginate rubberising mask to penetrate vitamins into the skin and is used on larger areas of the face and neck. Incorporating both modalities in one treatment, through the Environ Ionzyme DF Machine greatly enhances the benefits of the active ingredients to the skins functions.

Sono/Ionto 15 Minutes $35 Enquire
Sono/Ionto 30 Minutes $60 Enquire

Intense C-Peel

This is a unique gentle peeling mask of vitamin C, which benefits;

  • Pigmented skin
  • Sun-damaged skin
  • Scarred skin
  • Refines and leaves skin smooth and soft.
  • Includes a take home serum.
Intense C-Peel 45 Minutes $135 Enquire
Intense C-Peel 60 Minutes $155 Enquire

Environ Peeling Treatments

A gentle but effective way to achieve healthier rejuvenated skin. The Environ Cool Peeling System is tailored to your individual skin needs, with less redness and no downtime.  Available Autumn and winter.

Environ Peeling 30 Minutes $72 Enquire
Environ Peeling 45 Minutes $94 Enquire
Environ Peeling 60 Minutes $125 Enquire

SothysSothys Skin Therapy

Sothys believe the key to their continuing success worldwide is by providing advanced treatments that utilise the skills of a trained therapist. Therapists hands will always be the most valuable asset of the professional skincare therapist. Every Sothys Insitute Treatment has a specific function addressing particular skincare concerns, and are performed using exclusive and specific digito-pressure techniques which aid in the penetration of products to maximise relaxation and therapeutic benefits.

Sothys Ampoule Facial 75 Minutes $120 Enquire
Helps maintain a healthy skin, incorporating a ampoule of serum to complement your skin type.
Sothys Resurfacing Peel 60 Minutes $125 Enquire
Double action exfoliation (both mechanical and biological) offers exceptional results to oily/clogged or acne prone skins, sun damage and prematurely aged skins.

Joyce Blok Alpha Beta Peeling

A specific blend of Alpha and Beta Hydroxy acids to renew, restore and replenish the skin. Your skin will be exfoliated and hydration will be enhanced.

Available during Autumn and Winter.

Alpha Beta Peel 30 Minutes $54 Enquire
Alpha Beta Peel 45 Minutes $78 Enquire

Related Products

suncare imageSun Care

Suncare should be an essential part of your skincare routine.

Daily use of high quality SPF can prevent sun damage which causes premature skin ageing.

In salon we stock products designed to protect your skin from UV damage, help fight free radicals, help fight ageing, plus make-up and tinted moisturisers with a SPF.

All of these products have different textures, so we can not use the excuse about how it “feels” on our skin! Come in and visit us today to try a sunscreen for yourself.

Dermal Micro Needling

100_0729Dermal Micro Needling is an advanced in salon skin therapy treatment where we roll high grade titanium micro needles over the skin creating pin point punctures into the upper layers of the skin, encouraging the skin to produce new collagen and elastin, which leads to healthier skin, rejuvenation of fine lines, tightening of skin, and improved texture.

A specific cocktail of skin care ingredients is applied to the skin after treatment, stimulating blood flow and the skin’s natural renewal process. Multiple treatments over a period of time can achieve significant improvements in the skin. Initial skin condition, age, specific home care and lifestyle will determine results, which will vary between individuals.

Book a Full Observ® Advanced Skin Consultation and Analysis, to discuss your path to a more youthful rejuvenated skin.

Dermal Micro Needling Consultation 15 Minutes FREE Enquire
A Full Observ Skin Consultation and Analysis, specific home care routine and In Salon treatments are required prior to any Dermal Micro Needling treatments.
Dermal Micro Needling 60 Minutes $200 Enquire
Dermal Micro Needling With Sono 75 Minutes $225 Enquire
Dermal Micro Needling With Alginate Mask 90 Minutes $250 Enquire

Related Products

540 Replaceable Dermal Roller 0#1Dermal Rollers

Home Rolling or Needling is an advanced home care service to create micro channels in the protective upper most layer of the skin, to increase penetration of vitamins and other active ingredients into the skin from homecare products. Vitamins A, C, Colostrum, Anti oxidants and Peptides all benefit a healthy skin. Not all products are suitable to use after home rolling, your therapist will advise you on this as needed.

Home rollers are for the exclusive use by one person. Your skincare therapist will create a home care solution for skin.

The difference between home rollers and the more advanced Dermal Micro Needling is the length of the needles on the rollers. It is essential that the correct roller is used in each situation to achieve the desired result and avoid compromising the skin.

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