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Environ draws on cutting edge technology, combined with proven botanical and scientific principals to create skincare ranges that address different needs and problems for skins of all ages.

The AVST range is a series of products that provides a complete skin care program.

The moisturisers contain Vitamin A and Antioxidants including Vitamins C and E, Resveratrol and Beta Carotene.

The concentrations of vitamins A and C increase in the step-up system of the moisturisers.

Extensive medical research and trials have shown that vitamin A:

  • has a corrective effect in the skin, smoothing, softening and protecting it from the effects of UV radiation and free radicals.
  • Normalises the skin functions
  • Promotes the production of healthy collagen and elastin
  • Improves the skins natural moisture
  • Leads to healthy, younger looking skin.

The products are realistically priced, with AVST moisturisers starting from $79.50.

Environ products are formulated without artificial colour, fragrance or preservatives.

Our trained therapists are happy to customise a skin care programme for your skin during an Advanced Skin Consultation and Analysis.


Sothys retail prod EyesOver 30 years ago, Sothys pioneered the use of collagen as an active ingredient for reducing wrinkles and the effects of aging – with remarkable results.

Today Sothys continues as a leading market innovator with an extensive research and development programme to bring you the very finest personal aesthetics products.

Your skin may not have the same age as you. The radiance, condition and appearance of your skin does not necessarily reflect your real age. Environmental aggressions, lifestyle and skincare routine, can all influence how your skin ages.

Sothys have different ranges to target your skin concerns, and your skins needs, from their Anti-aging Grade Creams, to specifically designed skin care ranges for fragile capillaries, sensitive skin or dry skin. Our trained therapists are happy to customise a skin care programme for your skin during an Advanced Skin Consultation and Analysis.

Ella BacheGroup shot

Whether it is Ella Bache skincare, body care or sun product, research and development has always been the key to their effectiveness as a professional treatment brand.

They are committed to creating skincare that incorporates the latest scientific advancements with raw, natural ingredients to deliver products that are as pleasant to use as they are effective.

Ask your therapist about our Advanced Skin Consultation and Analysis procedure and they can customise a skin care routine to you and your skin.

Joyce BlokJoyce_Blok_Products

Joyce Blok Natural Skin Care aims to offer products with high concentrations of active naturally sourced extracts such as herbs, essential oils and vitamins, developed especially for the needs of those living within New Zealands diverse country.

This philosophy lives today in the innovative skin care range of Joyce Blok products.

As the ever changing face of kiwi’s is continually being redefined from a world of nationalities and cultures, so too is the Joyce Blok range, designed for a variety of complexion types and specific skin care needs.

JB Man

JB ManJB Man collection is focused on men’s grooming, it is an innovative man-friendly skin care system exclusively engineered for the precise skin care needs of men.

This straightforward two step system is an easy, unfussy introduction into the world of skincare, providing an un-threatening step away from supermarket brands. With only two products in the range your man will soon rid themselves of dull, sluggish and irritated skin.


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