Phone 03 218 7547
82 Don Street | Invercargill

Phone 03 218 7547
82 Don Street | Invercargill

Skin Therapy

Some Skin Therapy Treatments and  are only available once you have had a Full Observ® Skin Consultation and are using appropriate Homecare Products, due to the highly active ingredients in the products.

Introducing Observ®

The latest technology in Skin Diagnostics devices.12238322_437835919754977_1324392804300984336_o
Using LED lights and the latest iPad technology, highly defined photos allow your therapist to not only see the texture of your skin but also reveal what is happening under the visible layers of your skin.


Our qualified therapists have undertaken extensive training and are committed to helping you achieve the best results by targeting personal concerns you have in regards to your skin.


Full Observ Skin Consultation 60 Minutes $75 Book Now Voucher
Have your photos taken with the Observ Skin Diagnostic Device for analysis, Readings from our CK German Skin Analysis machine from your skins surface and a discussion with your therapist about your skin history. Your therapist will tailor a practical home skin care routine for you to achieve a healthy skin.
Transitional Observ Skin Consultation 30 Minutes $25 Book Now
Designed for clients who are having regular 4-8 weekly skin treatments at Facemakers already, or are using regular home care products from Facemakers. Your therapist will take photos with the Observ Diagnostic Device and analyse the images during a discussion about your current skincare and future skincare requirements and concerns.
Basic Observ Skin Consultation 15 Minutes $15 Book Now
Designed for clients wanting to start out on Professional Salon Quality Skin Care Products, or wanting to know what treatments are best for their skin. Our receptionist will take detailed photos using the Observ Diagnostic Device, and your photos will be allocated to a therapist for analysis. Appointments may be required.

On the day of your appointmentSkin Therapy 02

Please do not cleanse your skin the morning of your consultation. This will allow the natural oils to be present on your skin during the consultation. If you feel you need to freshen up you can rinse your skin with warm water.
Please do not wear make up or skin care products to your appointment, these can give incorrect readings, and hide underlying problems from our machine.
Although the consultation is 60 minutes please arrive 15 minutes early to allow yourself time to fill in your skincare history for your therapist. 
We prefer you to bring your current skincare products, foundations and supplements that you have been using in to show your therapist.

Once you have had your Skin Consultation and Analysis, we offer regular FREE 15 minute skin checks to evaluate your skin and skin care to ensure you are getting the results you desire. If we haven’t seen you in a while we even send friendly reminders to check you are still happy with your  home care products.


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