Phone 03 218 7547
82 Don Street | Invercargill

Phone 03 218 7547
82 Don Street | Invercargill

Relaxation Body Treatments

Swedish Massage Treatments

back massage

Warmth, soft music and lights, aromatic fragrances and hot towels instantly create an environment for relaxation.

Our therapists know the value of relaxation in our busy lives.

Every massage is customized to your needs and you will leave with your energy levels restored.

Sothys Body Treatments


Sothys offers a complete and exclusive range of exceptional treatments, dedicated to well-being, relaxation and the beauty of the body.
Journey to wellbeing – Transcend into the beautiful aromatic world of Sothys – Where the body is enveloped in deep relaxation, the spirit is soothed and the skin hydrated, soft and luminous.
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NZ SPA Body Treatments


Catering to both women and men, with a unique range of treatments in appealing New Zealand fragrances – Alpine Fern, Flax Flower, Pohutukawa and Wild Daisy, the NZ Spa Professional Collection allows your therapist to customise and create a treatment that suits your needs. Your therapist will guide you in choosing your own fragrant journey.

Let a NZ Spa Treatment bring your skin to life with a lustre and glow that is like a warm embrace…while fragrant lotions and soufflés under your therapists hands massage, soothe and relax…melting your cares away, and help you to regain harmony

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NZ Spa ProductsNZ Spa Body Care Products

A luxurious collection of inspirational body care products that showcase the essence of New Zealand native botanicals.

The properties & fragrances throughout the NZ SPA collection have been created to delight, tantalise and soothe. Inspired by unique New Zealand Native botanicals, each of their fragrances – Alpine Fern, Flax Flower, Pohutukawa and Wild Daisy has a distinctive array of fragrant notes which will each have its own particular appeal.

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